What ends up on your Grocery List when you are on a budget and trying to eat better

We try to shop once a week, sometimes it has to be more. Here is todays list, sent to me via text message from Brian.  We are on a budget and trying to eat better.




bread ( though I’ll probably just get butter lettuce and well wrap our sandwich fillings in that)

Popcorn (Act II Butter) we are very glamourous

white cheddar popcorn seasoning

Coke Zero and Sprite Zero ( for him, not me)

Prunes, Figs

Roast Beef

Bonless Skinless Chicken thighs

Cate ( Pate for Cats)


Veggies and Salad Stuff

Crunchy Toppings for Salad

Meat Sticks

I’ve been taking lunch to work, which saves tons of money and I find that I eat better too.